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New high-speed digital printing machine. 50th anniversary of the KONY brand, created in Villeurbanne in 1974.


General quality training and application of Six Sigma Lean for long-term reinforcement of overall quality. Energy adaptation to a 4-day workweek. “Water Respect” label for minimal water usage. Green electricity from wind and hydro sources.

2021 Eco-friendly vertical integration

In an effort to reduce CO2 impact, expansion of the Panissières site for the vertical integration of all 5 production lines on a single site.

2020 Digitalization

Digitization of all collections and implementation of Electronic Document Management. Manufacturing of masks certified Uns 1 for 50 washes and 100 washes.

2019 Industrial production

Interstiss incorporates several high-speed machines and has 25 digital production machines.

2018 Commitment RSE

Interstiss asserts its CSR values and Certified French Origin, consolidating its commercial and production activities at its Panissières site.

2017 Birthday

Interstiss celebrates its 20th anniversary as a fabric manufacturer and offers its resellers made-up textile solutions.

2015 Internet

Interstiss enhances its online visibility by launching various websites to ease sales for resellers and customers.

2012 Centralization

Consolidation of all production activities at the Panissières site, which spans 4,000 square meters.

2008 Creative hobbies

Interstiss acquires creative leisure brands: Margot de Paris, Seg de Paris, Princesse, Brodelia, and Marie Coeur.

2007 Sports

Interstiss expands into technical sports textiles and acquires the brands KONY and START, covering athletics, cycling, team sports, and triathlon.

2006 Traditional Modernism

Interstiss takes over an accessory manufacturing workshop. The company automates the production line in France and produces ties, scarves, and cushions.

2001 Printing

Interstiss incorporates digital printing machines and manufactures scarf fabric, offers clothing and furnishings. The company consolidates at Lentilly.


Founding of Interstiss by Pierre Brunier: sales and manufacturing of Jacquard fabrics for ties and vests.